Your doctor won’t say you are disabled?

What if your doctor won’t say you are disabled? There might be several reasons for this.

Many times, the problem is the failure of the patient to complain or explain to the doctor just how difficult life has become. A patient may minimize  symptoms and problems when they go to their doctor.   Doctors like to see their patients improve; patient want to please their doctors. Often, the truth is that life is challenging, and their medical symptoms limit their ability to do even basic activities of daily living.

Then, some doctors just do not believe in the disability programs. They do not believe any of their patients should get this assistance, even if they paid for it with their Social Security FICA taxes. If your doctor has this belief, a change in physicians might be in order.

Its important to know that even though you might be medically impaired, you still


might not meet the very strict standards for Social Security disability,  Consulting a lawyer before you apply can save you a lot of frustration.