Working while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

After you are found eligible and start receiving Social Security disability benefits, you may be possibly be able to continue working in some way.  You will need to keep a SUPER careful eye on your earnings. To be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you’ll need to make $1,220 or less per month in 2019. If you’re blind, the limit is $2,040. This amount is known as “substantial gainful activity,” and is adjusted each year.  You have to be ON disability benefits before you can claim this exception, although an argument can be made during the application process it is rarely successful.

If you spend money on work-related activities because of your disability, you might be able to subtract the amount from your monthly income.  For example, if you need to take a taxi instead of public transportation to get to your job, you might be able to deduct those expenses from your income. Other expenses could include special medical equipment you have to purchase on your own or counseling services.

You’ll need to be very, very careful report all work-related information regularly to the Social Security Administration, including start and stop dates for a job, changes in duties and hours worked. You’ll also have to report your monthly wages and work-related expenses due to your disability. Send it to your local office certified mail so they can never say you failed to

it and have it impact your eligibility.  Best to consult your lawyer or advocate if you plan to try this.  See: