Why is That Annual Envelope from Social Security Important?

“It’s three months before your birthday and an envelope from Social Security appears in your mailbox.

“Before you dismiss it as junk mail, take another look. The statement tells you how much you can expect to collect when you retire or how much your survivors will get if you die or become disabled…

“Why is the Social Security statement important to you?
The statement is an important financial planning tool. It offers a glance at past earnings to provide an estimate of how much you would receive as a supplement to your retirement income, survivor benefits, disability and Medicare, along with how much you would receive if you qualified right now.

“In the event something should happen to you, such as disability or death, knowing how much your family can expect from the survivor benefits will help you determine how much life insurance you should have, so that you do not buy too much or too little…” See Full story here: