Why is Social Security Called an Entitlement Program?

This article echos our wonder at the many articles (and candidates) who refer to Social Security as an “entitlement”program. Although the SSI program may be this, the majority of the Social Security programs administer money that was PAID In my workers, and is drawn out upon retirement or disability. It is more like an insurance program that a worker pays for. Read on:

“An often-repeated assertion in the debt-ceiling talks is that Social Security must be cut if the deficits are to be reduced.
This raises many questions among those who have paid into the program all their working lives and who expect an unquestioned return on that investment. They resent being told that they are living at the expense of the taxpayer like some welfare recipient receiving an “entitlement.” Isn’t Social Security a separate program? After all, it has its own revenue source, the payroll tax, and its own spending formula based upon total taxes paid during the recipient’s work life.
Why is Social Security on the chopping block as if it were just another program in the federal budget? If it is separate from the rest of the budget, how can cuts in it reduce the deficit? What’s the connection?…” Read full article here: