When are you eligible for disability?

Great detailed article here from the Motley Fool  about when you are eligible for disability!

“Social Security provides more than just retirement benefits. Those who become very sick or disabled may also be eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration that are a lifeline when working becomes impossible. Unfortunately, these benefits are available only under limited circumstances.

“Here’s when Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could be an option for you

“When do you qualify?
While SSD benefits can be an important source of income for the disabled, you only qualify if:Your disabling condition has lasted a year, will likely last a year, or will be terminal.
“You aren’t engaged in “substantial gainful activity,” which involves working and earning above a certain income level.
“Your disabling condition prevents you from doing a job for which you are otherwise qualified.
“Your condition is on the List of Impairments the Social Security Administration has created, and you have the required symptoms, or your medical problems are as severe as those that are on the List of Impairments…”

Read on here: https://www.fool.com/amp/retirement/2020/09/25/too-sick-to-work-heres-when-social-security-disabi/