What we’ll do for you as your Representative

You may have a representative, such as an attorney, help you when you do ny business with Social Security. SOcial Security will work with us, the same as it would with you after you designate us as your representative.

For your protection, in most situations, your representative can’t charge or collect a fee from you without first getting written approval from Social Security. However, your representative may accept money from you in advance as long as they hold it in a trust or escrow account. The fees are set by federal law.

What a representative can do:
After you appoint a representative, he or she can act on your behalf before Social Security by:
• Getting information from your Social Security file;
• Helping you get medical records or information to support your claim;
• Coming with you, or for you, to any interview, conference or hearing you have with us;
• Requesting a reconsideration,hearing or Appeals Council review; and
• Helping you and your witnesses prepare fora hearing and questioning any witnesses.
Your representative will also receive a copy of the decision(s) we make on your claim(s).
Both you and your representative are responsible for providing us with accurate information.
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