What About Attorneys Fees in Disability Claims?

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, one of your first questions may be whether to hire an attorney. The sad reality is that over 70% of those who apply for these benefits have their claims denied.

A specialized and experienced attorney gives you the greatest advantage.  Your case will be properly prepared, and all your medical records will be gathered, along with an argument supporting your disability under the law. The good news is that lawyers charge only contingency fees for these claims.   This means you don’t pay unless and until you win your case.  If your claim isn’t approved at some point in the process, you won’t pay anything.

Fee agreements are reviewed and approved by Social Security.  A typical agreement gives 25% of any back benefit to your lawyer, up to $6,000, of any retroactive or back-payments the claimant is entitled to. fees are set by Congress and approved by agency.