What about attorneys’ fees in disability cases?

All attorneys’ fees in Social Security and SSI cases are paid under a rule set by Congress as part of the Social Security Act.  Fees are all calculated in the same way – as 25% of any back benefit lump sum payment due to the claimant after winning the case.   There is a maximum fee of $6000.  This means that even if we help youwin $30,000 or $50,000 in past due benefits, the fee will never be more than $6000.

Most importantly, these charges are what is known as “contingent” fees.  This means that no fee is charged unless and until a claim is won. SSI and Social Security fees are withheld by the agency, taken out of the back benefit paid to a successful claimant.  After approval by the agency, the fee is deducted from the back benefit authorized and sent directly to the attorney by the government.  There may also be reimbursement fees for medical records, paid directly to the attorney.