Washington Post: SSA Budget Inadequate

Today’s Post reports on the effects of President Bush’s proposed budget:

…But it may take more than that. It’s clear that many federal programs can only run smoothly when properly staffed.

Take Social Security. In recent years, the agency’s field offices have lost staff, and waiting times for the public have increased. More than 50 percent of people who call a field office get a busy signal. At some offices, people who show up without an appointment often wait an hour or longer to be checked in, and then wait some more to see a claims representative.

“Without sustained, adequate funding, this situation will only worsen,” Astrue wrote in his budget message.

The president and Astrue are not far apart on their requests to Congress. Bush’s budget would provide $10.3 billion to cover administrative expenses at the Social Security Administration. Astrue has requested $100 million more, or $10.4 billion, to administer Social Security programs and benefits. See full article here:

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