Vietnam Era Resident Immigrants’ Benefits Threatened

There is a set of about 700 people in the US legally, many of whom are refugees from counties in South East Asia. They came here because they sided with the US during the Vietnam war and were unsafe at home. Many were disabled and all are now elderly. Their benefits are suddenly threatened, and a Minnesota lawyer has taken on their challenge.

“There are people whose circumstances make it much more challenging and difficult and in some cases nearly impossible for them to become U. S. citizens,” Keller said. “We need to honor our international humanitarian commitment to these folks and their families.”

An immigration attorney says more than 700 Minnesota residents will lose their federal disability benefits. Immigrant Law Center director John Keller says the recipients are not U. S. citizens. They were granted refugee status and allowed to collected disability benefits. Keller says in many cases, the refugees helped the U.S. Military in the war in southeast Asia. Keller says their disability benefits should be extended.