Veterans Accumulate Social Security Credits for Disability or Retirement Eligibility

Most vets know they have eligibility for VA disability retirement benefits, but some may be unaware that they are also eligible for Social Security disability if they need it.

Each year on Nov. 11, America observes Veterans Day and honors the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Many of our Vietnam-era veterans now are nearing retirement age or are already there. It is important they and other American service personnel know just what retirement benefits they can count on from Social Security as they make their future financial plans.

Remember that Social Security is more than retirement. If a worker becomes disabled before reaching retirement age, he or she might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. A disabled worker’s spouse and dependent children also might be eligible for Social Security survivors benefits.
If you or someone you know were wounded while on active duty in the military, find out more about what Social Security can do by visiting the website designed specifically for wounded warriors: www. warriors.