US Disability Standards Strictest in the World

This is from a recent comment in the Columbus (OH) Dispatch, and very well put!

The U.S. has by far the strictest set of requirements in the developed world; it is more difficult to win an award here than anywhere else. According to numerous sources, fraud amounts to less than 1 percent of total claimants. Actuaries for Social Security attribute approximately 5 percent of new applications to the economy, but at the same time, award rates dropped from 39 percent in 2007 to 33 percent in 2011.

Furthermore, increases in applications were long predicted because of changing demographics. The baby boomers are aging and getting sick or injured.

Considering that the first priority of the first day of the new Congress was to change a rule that likely will force Social Security to cut disability benefits by 20 percent by the end of 2016 — to rein in the nonexistent “rampant fraud” — we need accurate information.

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