Time Magazine Reports Unexpectly Large Pool of Disability Aplicants

TIme Magazine reports today that Social Security officials expect an even larger spike in new disability claims than before, as aging, injured baby boomers tumble out of the work force and need income.

This is not good news, as the system was already bogged down at several points, and has been the target of unfavorable media reports documenting unconscionable waits for decisions on benefits.

Time’s article says that Social Security estimates they’ll receive 3.3 million new disability claims over the next year, up from their previous estimate of 3 million projected just five months ago.

The wave of new applications comes just as officials were making progress in curbing a massive backlog of disability appeals cases, which has plagued the agency for years. Also adding to the problem are recent moves in at least 10 states to furlough hundreds of employees that process initial benefit claims.See full Time article here: