Thankful for Social Security

“I am grateful to Social Security, which made it possible for our family to avoid economic disaster when my father died of a second heart attack when he was 41.  I am thankful for all who came before and worked to make things better.”
– Bill Black, associate professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and white-collar criminologist

For all the fear-mongering about the state of the Social Security system, it is America’s safety net and keeps desperate people from doing desperate things. We think of it in terms of providing for the disabled, and we know it provides for  seniors.  Over the years in our law practice we’ve see it be the absolute different in a family’s survival.  Giving health insurance where there was none, caring for individuals so they can maintain some level of independence and self sufficiency.  We forget that these benefits keep people from sinking their own families.  For anyone who complains about the system and the “unworthy” recipients, remember society is judged by the way it provides for the neediest.  America is doing well.