Social Security Site Allows You to Calculate Benefits

The official Social Security website gives valuable information that allows you to estimate your retirement benefit — this figure will also be approximately what you would draw as a disabled person. Your retiremnet entitlement stays in the fund until you retire, unless you become disabled before retirement age. If you can prove you meet disability standards, you’ll receive about this amount per month

“The Social Security Administration now has a calculator that lets you estimate your retirement benefit by accessing your actual earnings record through a secure interface. If you are estimating a normal retirement benefit, then you may want to try using the Retirement Estimator first, because it is easier to use than the Detailed Calculator and does not require you to enter your earnings record.

Note that the Retirement Estimator does not have all of the features of the Detailed Calculator, and does not provide estimates for everyone. In particular, if you are receiving a benefit based on your own earnings record or if you are receiving Medicare benefits, the Retirement Estimator will not give you an estimate. You also have to be permanently insured to get an estimate from the Retirement Estimator.” See site here:

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