Social Security Crisis – The Phony Story that Won’t Die

Today’s Indianapolis Star reports that Social Security can pay full benefits until 2041, according to the latest report by the plan’s trustees. By then, the baby boomers will have begun dying off. Even after that, the system would be able to pay benefits which, in real terms, are larger than they are today, according to economist Mark Weisbrot, who co-authored the 1999 book, “Social Security: The Phony Crisis.”
With the system sufficiently financed to fund more than three decades of benefits, there’s no near-term “crisis” to address.
But this has been the story that won’t die. “The fact is, everyone thinks it’s a crisis,” says Dean Baker, Weisbrot’s co-author. Baker says Clinton’s position is “encouraging, because it’s true. Also, because of where it indicates she will go in policy.” See Full Article Here:

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