Obama Makes Healthcare Priorities Clear

Today’s Los Angeles Times notes that “Barack Obama makes no small plans.

Until last week, there was still skepticism in Washington that the president really meant to tackle all of his big domestic goals at the same time: healthcare reform, alternative energy, education projects, plus a tax hike on the well-off to pay for it all. Congress isn’t used to bickering about that many thorny issues at once.

But Obama’s budget proposal Thursday made it clear that he expects action on all of his priorities this year — beginning with health insurance, which has been on the wish list of every Democratic president since Harry Truman.

Obama’s innovation was outlining how he would pay for his health plan before he had fully formulated the plan itself. Earlier presidents were always a bit vague on the funding question. Obama proposed at the outset to increase taxes on high-income earners by cutting their deductions for such items as state taxes, mortgage interest and charitable deductions.” Check out LA Times Editorial Here: