New Immune Disorder Listings Posted for Comment

After several years of study, The Social Security Administration has proposed a major revision to the medical criteria used to evaluate disorders of the immune system.

The proposal follows an extensive pre-revision analysis period in which the Administration published a notice of advance rulemaking and held two policy conferences in immune system disorders in the disability programs. Comments on the proposed revision are due by October 3, 2006, and may be submitted to one of the addresses listed in the official notice, which was published in the August 4, 2006, Federal Register (71 FedReg 44432).

The criteria used to evaluate disorders of the immune system appear in the Listing of Impairments (“Listings”) (20 CFR, Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 1) at Listing ­14.00 and ­114.00, which list criteria for evaluating immune system disorders in adults, and in children, respectively.

See full text here:

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