National Law Firms Criticized

After practicing in this area for decades we can say it could be transformed and cured if there were a way to get partial disability. Many could work part time. Many more could not and survive, literally, on these benefits which are our safety net. Do families want to support these sick people? Impossible in most cases. Now, one can only work part time after being found totally disabled. Does that make sense?

Today’s Wall Street Journal prints a second article critical of a huge national law firm that has drawan fire for its practices. These huge mega firms have slowly grown and now impact not only the system but many earnest small practitioners all over the US. When a lawyer in aplace like tiny Bend Oregon is put out of business by a cowboy from Manhattan it is a sad day. The local and very personal connection of these small firm practitioners has been frayed by the reach of media. That is just known as progress, but it diminishes the personal connection with clients that is the joy of practicing law, to know we truly made a difference in a person’s life. The first thing we say to our clients is that they shouldn’t need a lawyer. But we win most of our cases because we put them together well and screened out malingerers before I started. And we know the staff in the offices we deal with all the time.

Beyond that, Binder deeply annoys judges and doctors, to a point that it may impact the way their clients are treated. Here is the story: