National Group Launches Website to Provide Accurate Information

today’s MarketWatch reports:

“It is important to remember that hard-working Americans have earned these disability benefits,” said Charles Martin, President of NOSSCR. “The rise in number of SSDI Claimants’ has been expected for years as we witnessed more women entering the workforce and we watched the Baby-Boomer generation age. Now more than ever, we must honor the commitment that was made to the disabled community to help them when hardship strikes.”

SSDI benefits are often the only thing preventing disabled American workers from falling into abject poverty. As the NOSSCR officers wrote in their op-ed, many of their clients have lost their homes during the lengthy and complex application process. SSDI benefits play a critical role in preventing significant societal costs that can result when persons are improperly denied benefits such as home foreclosures and evictions, homelessness, family dissolutions or bankruptcies. NOSSCR understands that delaying benefits to disabled individuals leads to further human suffering and places additional strains on Medicaid or state and federal assistance programs.

“No one expects to become disabled,” added Debra Shifrin, NOSSCR’s current Vice President. “SSDI benefits are essential for many who, without them, would end up on the street. We must continue to honor the commitment to the hard-working Americans who have earned these disability benefits.”

For more information about NOSSCR, who NOSSCR helps and the Social Security Disability Benefits program, check out NOSSCR’s new website: Link here to full story: