You Must Appeal, and On Time!

It is not easy to win a disability claim. About 75% of all applications for either SSDI or SSI are rejected. Well over 50% are denied at the initial stage of application, but that is just the beginning. Sometimes when cases are denied, there has simply been an error in the application or medical record process. It is mistake to trust Social Security to do this right each time. Here are common errors:

Failure to appeal: Many applicants that simply fail to appeal once their initial application is denied. Do not give up! Get help, to be sure the claim is presented properly, This is never a quick process, but if you are still disabled, do not let your claim lapse by failing to appeal. Cases with attorneys have a far higher success rate.

Do NOT think: “Oh, I can just file a new claim.” This may not be successful or if it is, you’d be leaving money on the table by losing many months that you could have been eligible!

Many claimants have the best of intentions, but miss filing deadlines. It’s hard to keep track of things like this, especially if you are very ill and on medication. There are just 60 days in which to appeal decisions made by Social Security. That process can be challenging, and it is a good point to bring in experienced legal help.