The Motley Fool Weighs in in Support of Social Security Disability

Many people think that Social Security is just a retirement program. But with millions of recipients getting disability payments from Social Security, it’s important to know what benefits you’re actually entitled to receive.

In the following video, Dan Caplinger, The Motley Fool’s director of investment planning, runs through what you need to know about Social Security disability. Dan notes that anyone who pays Social Security taxes for a long enough period of time is entitled to disability insurance, with most people needing to work between five and 10 years depending on their age in order to qualify. He then discusses Social Security’s definition of disability, noting that beyond no longer being able to work at one’s old profession, it’s essential to demonstrate an inability to adjust to other types of work. Family members can also get disability benefits under certain circumstances, including guardians of children under 18 and spouses caring for children under 16. Dan concludes by noting that while Social Security isn’t a complete substitute for disability insurance, it’s still a helpful benefit to have.  Click here to see the video:

Dan explains what the benefits are, and talks about the recent controversies.  He concludes that anyone who works in a job that has you paying into the system for 5 out of years or more, entitles you to benefits if you medically qualify.  It’s a good explanation!