More Lost Files in Wisconsin – Claim Delayed for Years Without Telling Claimant

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online:

Julie Dable Stuart had been waiting more than three years for a decision on whether she qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when a large envelope arrived in the mail at her Waukesha home late last year.

She was stunned.

“It was pieces of my Social Security file,” said Dable Stuart, 43. “No postmark. It had my name and postage due. I had to pay $6.65. It was all kinds of personal information about me.”

The envelope contained copies of her medical information, work history and family information submitted to the Milwaukee Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in November 2004. Those documents were submitted as part of her request for a hearing to determine her eligibility for benefits, which had been denied when she first applied in 2003.

Upset and confused, she immediately called the Social Security office.

Full story here:

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