Medicare and Medicaid – Can These Programs Take Up the Slack in Medical coverage?

The LA Times reports that most states are slashing health services to their poorest residents amid the economic downturn. This is happening in the face of President Obama’s push for Universal Health Care. As more people experience reduced income, states’ personal and business income tax revenue falls, and state budgets nationwide are being forced to slash. Sadly, they swipe most often at programs that protect the poor and vulnerable.

People are losing jobs and health insurance. In downturns like this, the burden often shifts to Social Security. People apply for disabilty when nothing else is working – and they can’t work. They may not be successful – the standard for proving disability is daunting. But try they will, and the already backlogged Social Security adminsitration will be impacted. Medicare and Medicaid programs will be hard hit as well, as citizens turn to these federal and state-funded programs to cover medical emergencies and ongoing care.

See LA Times article here.