How Are Medical Records Obtained in Disability Cases?

Medical records are the crux of any disability claim. With the huge case backlogs at every stage of a claim, it is important to stay on top of the records submission process.

Social Security says it will obtain necessary records. It is not uncommon for the local Social Security disability examiners to have to send multiple requests for records to the same facility, and make multiple follow up calls, and then fax previously mailed requests. This is one of the big reasons it is helpful to have a lawyer to monitor the receipt of records. It is problematic to rely entirely on Social Security to get the records, because there are so many problem points in the process. Depending on computerized programs to work all the time is not wise.

Doctors are busy as are their staffs. Offices and facilities have convoluted processes for supplying medical records. Many places have specific forms and waivers.

One option is to obtain the records yourself. There is usually no charge for a patient requesting his/her own records. Your lawyer or authorized representative can submit the records for you to be sure they get to the right file.