It’s important to keep your medical records up to date.

Your Social Security disability case is based entirely on  your medical records. The agency will comb through your every record, looking for evidence that you are (or are not!) disabled.

Sometimes a claimant will stop going to the doctor. Perhaps there is no money to pay, but Social Security (SSA) could assume that your symptoms have improved, and that you are no longer disabled. It is very important that you’ve discussed the reasons with your doctor and that it appears in your records. Or perhaps there is nothing further the doctor can offer you for your condition.  SSA is not allowed to use lack of ability to pay against you if this is the reason you don’t go to the doctor, but this must be documented.

If you stop treatment because you have exhausted many different treatments, or there are no more or new treatments recommended by your  physician and there is still no improvement in your condition, it may be that you have reached “maximum medical improvement,” and there is nothing else your doctor can do for you.  Again, documentation is vital.

The same goes for “refusing” to have a surgery that is recommended.  Again, perhaps there are financial reasons, but we don’t want Social Security to argue that you have refused medical treatment that is recommended.  You may have other valid reasons, just be sure they are in the record!