Massive Revisions Proposed to Diabetes Disabilty Regulations

Social Security (SSA) is in the long process of collecting comments on proposed changes to the Listing of Impairments for Endocrine Disorders. These changes would abolish diabetes as a separate “listing,” which would mean that proving cases of disability based on disabetes would be more difficult.

There is a comment period on the proposed rules that is open until February 12. The changes are based on the presumption that advances in medical care have made diabetes a manageable condition, not one that is disabling. The current regulations allow a finding of disability in advanced cases of diabetes, where conditions such as peripheral neuropathy or loss of a limb can be attributed to the unconrtolled disease, and prevent work.

The Listings were last revised in 1985 and also cover other endocrine disorders such as pituatary disorders and disorders of the adrenal cortex. The link to the proposed regulatory changes and comment section can be found here: