Marriage May Affect Benefit Eligibility

This is a chilling story!

Mr. Moore had been receiving about $700 a month in Disabled Adult Child payments, a program that allows people disabled before adulthood to draw from their parents’ Social Security accounts. But buried in the regulations is a provision that says these payments end when the recipient gets married, unless they marry certain other Social Security recipients.

Moore had never informed the Social Security Administration that he was married because he didn’t know about that provision. About nine years ago, he explained, he supplied SSA with a batch of documents for an eligibility review, which included a tax return showing him as married and his marriage certificate. But he remained eligible.

This isn’t the only way Social Security penalizes disabled people who want to get married. People receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments get a maximum of $733 a month. But the maximum for a married couple when both receive SSI is $1,100. That means each already broke person gets docked $183 a month if they legally marry. See more:’t-mix