Man Awarded Past Disability Benefits Back to 1982

Montville — A local man was recently awarded more than 25 years worth of disability benefits, retroactive to the Reagan era.

Uncasville resident Robert Kram, 64, could receive about $150,000 in benefits dating back to December 1982, according to his lawyer, Thomas Albin.

“So many years have gone by,” Albin said. “He’s been denied benefits that he was entitled to all along.”

Kram was granted Social Security disability benefits in July 1970, when he was 27 years old, based on chronic schizophrenia that was diagnosed and well-documented, according to Albin. Kram was paid monthly disability checks until the Social Security Administration, pursuant to a policy initiated by President Reagan, determined in December 1981 that Kram had made significant medical improvement.
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