Keep Disability Safety Net, Allow Work

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi has written a thoughtful article calling for the reform of the disability system to all benefit recipient to work part time and keep their benefits. As many would agree, the current system has disincentives to working. She is the president of

..”In keeping a solid safety net for those who need it, we should enable people with disabilities to work, and have procedures in place to allow them back on SSI or SSDI quickly if they lose their jobs. After all, workplace discrimination still exists and realistically it can take them longer to find new employment. We need to do some short term fixes to deal with the insolvency of SSDI. However, the long terms solution is to stop punishing people with disabilities who dare get jobs and become taxpayers.

It’s time to embrace the unique characteristics and talents that people with disabilities bring to workplaces, which benefit employers. As companies like Walgreens, AMC, EY and others have found, employees who have disabilities are extremely productive, highly loyal and less likely to quit. If we find the right jobs for the right people, it will boost companies’ bottom line.

Modernization of the full disabilities benefits system would be good for taxpayers, who will not be required to foot the entire bill for a lifetime of dependency; good for businesses who find loyal, reliable, and motivated employees; and good for people with disabilities, who will be happier, healthier, and lead fuller lives when they are able to work. Updating the benefits system and increasing employment among people with disabilities is a win-win-win.