How to Sabotoge Your Own Disability Claim

Here are a few ways we have found that a claimant can sabotage his own disability claim.
1. Refuse to see doctors regularly or as scheduled. If there are no medical records, Social Security has no basis for a decision.
2. Not filing an appeal on time. Perhaps the claimant is depressed or otherwise mentally ill, or too ill from some other condition to follow through in an appropriate manner. Having an attorney who will take responsibility for these filings is an especially good idea if there are memory or mental illness issues involved.
3. If there is alcoholism or drug addiction in the picture, ignoring it and hoping a judge won’t notice. Chances are that it is repeatedly mentioned in your medical record. Get treatment, get clean and sober, then the issue is manageable. Otherwise: it can be a barrier to winning benefits in many cases.
4. Failing to mention all symptoms to your doctor. All symptoms, every time. Doctors, and judges, won’t assume what you think is too obvious to mention. Fatigued? Say so. In pain? Ask for some help.
5. Speaking of help, ask for some when you are filling out the endless and repetitive forms that Social Security sends to you. Don’t just say “I cook my own meals,” if what you mean is you can warm something up in the microwave. Don’t say “I watch TV” if you mean that you do it because you must lie down to manage pain. Can you follow a story on TV, can you concentrate and remember what you’ve seen? If not, this information needs to be included. You can do your own washing, but how long does it take you? You can go for a walk – do you need to rest afterward? If these things are fact, then the whole truth needs to be on these forms. Our office can help you with these and be sure you are not sabotaging your own case by leaving out details.