How Much Work Does It Take To Be Covered for Social Security Disability?

From the Ohio beacon-Journal:

Social Security retirement is for those 62 or older, and at least 10 years of work are needed to be eligible. Survivor, disability programs an exception to this rule.

Q: When is a person considered “covered” by the Social Security program? According to the pamphlets I’ve read, a person needs at least 10 years of work to get benefits. Does that mean if someone goes to work at 18, they would not be covered by Social Security until they are 28 years old? — V.B., Twinsburg

A: A person needs at least 10 years of work (40 credits) to be eligible for Social Security retirement and the benefit can not begin before age 62. But that 10-year or 40-credit rule doesn’t apply to the survivor or disability programs.

When a young person starts working and paying into Social Security, they begin accumulating Social Security credits on their account. Within a very short time, the worker is “covered” for disability and survivor benefits. See article here:

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