Four Things to Know About Social Security Disability

The Finance page of AOL has a great article explaining the need for and process to disability benefits from Social Security!

“Tens of millions of people rely on Social Security benefits, with the vast majority of those payouts going to retirees and their families. But of the roughly 59 million Americans who’ll receive Social Security benefits in 2014, disabled workers and their dependents make up almost 11 million, and the Social Security Administration pays out about $11 billion monthly to support them.

“Disability benefits can be even more valuable than retirement benefits. You can plan for retirement (and you probably are planning for it) but you can’t predict when an injury or illness might leave you unable to work, and sorely in need of financial support. Below, you’ll learn four of the most important aspects of Social Security disability benefits so that if the time comes that you need them, you’ll know the basics… here are four things everyone must know about Social Security:”

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