Fight in the House Over Social Security Fund

The White House has weighed in publicly for the first time today on a House Republican move that could precipitate a fight over Social Security in the next two years.

The House voted last week to block a routine transfer of tax revenue between Social Security’s retirement and disability funds; the latter is projected to start being unable to pay full benefits in late 2016, sparking a crisis that advocates warn the GOP could use as leverage to push changes to the program. The rule says a transfer, which had been done 11 times previously under Democratic and Republican administrations, can be done only if there are cost-saving measures attached to it.

In a statement, the White House said that it generally opposes measures that limit Congress’s ability to transfer revenue between the Social Security funds, as the House rule does.

“Generally speaking, the Administration strongly opposes any efforts to undermine Congress’ ability to reallocate funds between the Social Security retirement and disability trust funds,” a White House spokesperson said “as they have done with bipartisan support numerous times in the past in both directions.“