Fast-Track and Compassionate Allowance Strategies

This October the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced some positive changes to the fast-track process for disability benefits. The fast-track, or Quick Disability Determination process, is used by the most severely disabled applicants. It requires less checking on the part of the SSA because of the obviousness of disabilities.

The change focuses on identifying cases that should simply be approved for benefits without additional work by the SSA. In the past, medical reviews were required in every case, but this review is not always necessary. Now, medical reviews will only be required for cases that require fuller medical evaluation.

SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue explained to Federal News Radio that “For the people that are in these categories [who have severe disabilities], it will be a blessing, it will be quicker, it will be less paperwork…we’ll free up more time with the medical doctors for some of the cases that are trickier and require more medical expertise.” FUll story here: