Estimate your Disability Benefits

You can get estimates of monthly disability or retirement benefits based on your actual Social Security earnings record from the Social Security web site. You must have enough credits to qualify for benefits. Credits are the “building blocks” used to find out whether you have the minimum amount of covered work to qualify for each type of Social Security benefits. If you stop working before you have enough credits to qualify for benefits, your credits will stay on your record. If you return to work later on, you can add more credits so that you can qualify. No benefits can be paid if you do not have enough credits. Here is the calculator:

Some Federal employees and employees of State or local government agencies may be eligible for pensions that are based on earnings not covered by Social Security. If you didn’t pay Social Security taxes on your government earnings and you are eligible for Social Security benefits, the formula used to figure your benefit amount may be modified, giving you a lower Social Security benefit. See more and the calculator at

Life Expectancy Calculator

Get a rough estimate of how long you (or your spouse) may live. This gives you an idea of how long your benefits may need to last.