Retirements Delayed by Economy Unexpected Benefit to Social Security

The Arizona Republic reports that an “unprecedented increase in the number of Americans who delay retirement could accelerate over the next two decades, helping to ease the pressures on Social Security and Medicare, according to a RAND Corporation study.

‘The study differs from government projections indicating a leveling off in the number of older Americans who remain employed. Lawmakers should consider dismantling barriers that discourage some older people from staying in the workforce, the study adds.

“Changes in pensions, longer life expectancy, less disability at older ages and more women in the workforce are all trends that are gaining momentum and are likely to cause more Americans to delay retirement,” RAND researchers think the forces causing people to delay retirement or re-enter the workforce are strong enough to keep the current trend going until at least 2030.

‘Among them, a more highly educated workforce has allowed more people to obtain jobs that are more fulfilling, less physically challenging and better paid than in decades past.”
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