Doctors’ Group Reports Pressure to Downplay Injuries

From today’s Charlotte Observer: A leading group of occupational doctors is taking the unusual step of speaking out publicly against pressure from companies to downplay workplace injuries.

To outline their concerns, the physicians have sent a letter to federal workplace safety regulators and held a conference session in New York City on Monday. They’re also planning to testify before Congress.

If successful, their campaign could affect the treatment of injured workers and might help change how the government assesses workplace safety.

“Our members feel they are being methodically pressured … to under-treat and mistreat,” said Dr. Robert McLellan, president of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. “…This is a grave ethical concern for our members. It’s a grave medical concern.”

His group represents 5,000 doctors; some treat workers referred to them by employers, while others work directly for companies. See more story details here:

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