Disability Review Notice: Call to Immediate Action

In the past, The Social Security Administration had neglected the process of CDR’s or  “continuing disability reviews,” but they are becoming more and more common. To terminate benefits,  Social Security (SSA) must prove that there has been medical improvement when a claim comes up for  review. SSA may rather arbitrarily decide that a medical improvement has occurred and stop benefits. There is an appeal and it must be done immediately or your benefits will cease during the review.
Be sure to stay in contact with your doctors.  You need a consistent medical record to support your benefits. Be sure to respond quickly to all correspondences, or better yet immediately contact the lawyer who helped you with your claim. When you fill out forms requested forms for SSA, make sure you either drop them off at your local office and get a stamped receipt OR send them in by certified mail and request a signature.
Update your medical records and get a letter from your treating physician if you get a notice of review.
If the medical record supports that your continued disability, you should be able to keep your benefits.  Any notice of a CDR should spur you to immediate action!