Crohn’s Disease and Digestive Disorders 

Among the most devastating cases that come to us are those involving Crohn’s disease, colitis, or inflammatory bowel syndrome.  About a million Americans are affected. Severe digestive disorders can also result from a myriad of other diseases and even the side-effects of medication.

Crohn’s primarily strikes the young but can occur at any age. Although many people with this condition can lead happy productive lives, some can only function within severe limitations.  When prescriptions and dietary changes stop working, there simply is no cure for Crohn’s. Less severe disorders have varying degrees of management and cure.

When we gather evidence to prove such a case, we work to gather detailed information from medical providers.  Some cases are difficult to prove empirically, so we must show exactly how this condition prevents the patient from working full-time. Experience has shown us that people are rather reluctant to discuss symptoms like incontinence and loss of bowel control.  Any psychological aspect of the disorder should be developed into viable medical evidence through testing and treatment. The emotional aspect of all of this should not be ignored.

Remember, a few good days now and then is not the same as being consistently “available” for full-time work – one must be able to work predictably, on a sustained basis, for forty hours a week, or disability benefits should be granted.