Common Mistakes Applicants Make

More than 37 million Americans — about 12% of the total population — are classified as disabled, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While disability insurance coverage helps many people keep their heads above water until they can go back to work, those suffering from a more severe and ongoing disability have to turn elsewhere for a financial life raft.

That’s where the Social Security Administration comes in. Its disability insurance program (SSDI) provides much-needed income for people with severe ongoing disabilities … as long as they qualify for benefits.

Brace yourself: one-third of disability applications are denied
Since 1999 the number of applications for SSDI has more than doubled. But so, too, has the percentage of claims that are denied.

In 1999 more than half of applications were approved. Last year, only one-third were.

This article from Motley Fool sets out eight mistakes people make applying for regular Social Security (SSDI), although most points (except for the work credits point) are applicable to SSI cases as well.