Can I Work After I Get Disability Benefits?

There are really two aspects to this question – can you work after you apply for benefits but before they are granted? Or, secondly, can you work after you are found to be disabled? One of the real quirks of our disability policy is that part time work can be damaging to your claim.

This is becoming more pressing as the waits for decisions lengthen into years. The answer is a very qualified yes. There must be at least six months of disability, and the work done must be well below the limit of SGA (SUbstantial gaingul activity)per month, $980 this year. It does make the claim very complicated, however. Consult an advocate before you embark on this.

As for people who are on benefits, as Charles Hall mentions in his blog today, “”Now there is someone at Social Security that the claimant can contact. As noted earlier, Social Security intends to make a concentrated effort to hire the disabled.”

Here is a list of the people who will be coordinating the hiring: