Buffalo Delays: Same Story, Different City

From The Buffalo News: Karen Furman’s son, Kelvin, was 10 when she applied to get federal income assistance for parents with disabled children. Kelvin is now 14, living in a group home and still waiting for the government to decide if he’s disabled.

The Buffalo Social Security hearing office, where Furman filed her claim, is so overwhelmed with cases that people wait an average of 669 days before a judge even hears their case.

In other words, not much has changed a year after The Buffalo News reported that people had to wait 688 days for an appeal hearing in Buffalo when they apply for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability benefits.

“They want us to give up or die,” said Linda Fullerton, founder of the Rochester-based Social Security Disability Coalition. “They’re not taking the problem seriously enough.” See article here:

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