Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits: How Much Will I Get?

If I am approved for Social Security disability benefits, how much will I get?

* For disability insurance benefits (SSDI), the amount depends on how much you have worked and earned, and thus paid in FICA taxes, in the past.
* For disabled widow’s and widower’s benefits, the amount depends upon how much the late husband or wife worked and earned.
* For disabled adult child benefits, the amount depends upon how much the parent worked and earned.

In general, all benefits are very modest. The average SSDI benefit for a disabled worker is about $1,171 per month. For a family, the average benefit is approximately $1,851 per month. Family members are eligible for an additional benefit, up to 50% of the disabled worker’s benefit.

If I am approved for SSI benefits, how much will I get?
SSI is an income-based program designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people who have little or no income. Because of this, any other income a SSI recipient receives will generally reduce his or her monthly SSI benefit amount.

In 2017, the Federal maximum for monthly SSI benefits is $735 for an eligible individual. But, since a receipient’s monthly benefit amount is reduced by subtracting countable income, the average SSI monthly benefit is around $542 per month for all recipients. Some States and local areas also supplement SSI benefits, meaning the State pays additional money to increase the recipient’s monthly Federal SSI payment to bring the payments up to a minimum cost of living.