Social Security benefits may be accessed remotely, all offices still closed.

THE SOCIAL SECURITY Administration( SSA)has closed all local Social Security offices in an effort to protect older Americans from the coronavirus pandemic. You can no longer make in-person appointments at your local Social Security office, and existing appointments will now take place over the phone.

  • Social Security benefits continue to be paid via direct deposit.
  • You can apply for Social Security, Medicare and disability benefits online.
  • Create a my Social Security account to access your benefit information.
  • Personal service is available by phone, but expect long wait times.

Social Security payments continue to be distributed to existing beneficiaries as scheduled via direct deposit and the postal service.

The Social Security benefit payment schedule remains the same. Benefits are paid on the second Wednesday of the month for those with birthdays on the 1st through 10th, the third Wednesday for those born the 11th through 20th and the fourth Wednesday for everyone born later in the month.

“The closure of Social Security offices does not affect the distribution of benefits,” says Thomas Saving, an economics professor at Texas A&M University and former public trustee for the Medicare and Social Security programs. “Social Security recipients should have no fear that they won’t receive their benefits.”