How Much is My Disability Benefit?

It’s useful to have an idea upfront about how much you’d receive if you became disabled, and were found medically eligible for Social Security disability payments. her’e a brief overview of how the Social Security Administration calculates disability benefits, and what amounts you and your family members might be entitled to receive To be eligible for a benefit, assuming you medically qualify, you must have worked 20 out of the last quarters if you are over age 31.

The SSA looks at your work history and determines your average indexed monthly earnings. Then, it runs that number through a formula that produces a primary insurance benefit. To determine the primary insurance benefit in 2018, you’d take your average indexed monthly earnings and run it through three income ranges as follows:

    • Take 90% of the first $895.
    • Add 32% of any amount between $895 and $5,397.
  • Add 15% of any amount over $5,397.

You can see your monthly benefit amount if you sign on to my social security.  It is roughly the same as your estimated retirement benefit.  Your family is eligible for a disability separate benefit, each child and your spouse. Lots more detail here: