Safety Net Media Attacks, Analysis for 2013

Here’s just one section of an analysis of how media has distorted social safety net programs in America this year.

Regarding Social Security Disability: “In addition to focusing on the implications of Social Security cuts for retirees, right-wing and mainstream outlets often directed unsubstantiated accusations at recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

“In March, National Public Radio featured a story showcasing alleged abuse of disability assistance in the United States. A Media Matters review of the segment — which aired on public radio programs Planet MoneyThis American Life, and All Things Considered — found it to be riddled with errors. CBS News echoed the misleading report months later in a segment for its weekly news magazine 60 Minutes. Despite the inaccuracy of the two reports allegedly showcasing disability fraud, right-wing outlets heavily promoted both stories to fit their anti-entitlement narrative.

“Media Matters research revealed myriad attacks from conservative media in 2013, regularly exploiting any opportunity to delegitimize disability benefits. Among the worst offenses were comments by Fox Business contributor Charles Payne portraying SSDI benefits as a “crazy check” and beneficiaries as “modern-day eunuchs.”

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