12 big mistakes people make in applying for benefits.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes we see people make in applying for disability benefits:

  1. Not applying soon enoughmany  months of eligibility can be lost.
  2. Taking ‘no’ for an answer– not appealing a denial.
  3. Taking ‘yes’ for an answer– accepting a late onset date and thus reducing the back benefit award.
  4. Missing appeal deadlines, or not applying again if this happened.
  5. Not requesting that prior applications be reopened.
  6. Not consideringdepression as an aspect of an illness.
  7. Not verifying that all medical records are in the file.
  8. Believing that a simple note from a doctorsaying you are “disabled” is enough to win.
  9. Filling out claim forms or online applications beforetalking to a local lawyer.
  10. Not going for regular treatments for claimed disabilities.
  11. Not knowing that you can be eligible for workers’ compensation, VA benefits and other private insurance programsat the same timeas Social Security disability payments.
  12. Thinking you can’t afford a lawyer: fees are only paid if you win.

Why are these costly mistakes? If they are made, how can they be remedied? We’d be glad to explain, or we can come and talk with service providers to inform their actions. Call our office to schedule a free seminar at your location.