October 2017

It Takes a village

When new clients contact our of office for help with their Social Security Disability issues, they bring with them a slew of other legal, medical and financial problems.


Most of the people who read this newsletter are members of “The Village” - we rely upon to help maintain and support our clients while we advocate for SSDI and SSI benefits. We rely upon these ties and look to broaden them.

Many of our clients come to us without insurance and need guidance in getting on Medicaid (if possible) or for referrals on how to navigate the Affordable Care Act marketplace (if there is a carrier for them). They learn very early in their discussions with us that without medical treatment, findings and support for their disability claim it is hard to get these benefits. But getting treatment with limited insurance is challenging. Our staff does its best to assist and we often refer our clients to local agencies and medical clinics that have resources and trained professionals to help.
Numerous clients also have housing issues: some are in foreclosure, some are homeless, some are in abusive relationships and need help finding safe shelters. Some are living in family situations that are only exacerbating their medical problems. By aligning ourselves with programs that provide housing and case management services we can help clients either solve, or at least mitigate, housing crises.

Clients often have other legal problems. There are often severe debt claims, foreclosure proceedings and criminal actions pending. Many of our clients have emotionally draining family law issues and some have workers compensation problems and employment discrimination issues. Clients frequently come to us as a result of serious accidents or professional negligence claims. In order to help these clients we try to guide them to other lawyers whom we trust, or to legal aid programs.

Often, clients’ families need help. Many of the parents of mentally ill clients are finding life with a bipolar or schizophrenic child to be overwhelming. We often can make referrals to local programs that focus on the entire family such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Family-to-Family program.

We do not accept every possible client who contacts our office. Many are not “totally disabled” and get far more help with our referrals to job programs, counselors and education facilities. Rather than drag an unlikely-to-be-approved claimant for two years through the SS process they are far better served by learning of resources to help them become more job ready.

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If we can help free your time from draining SS paperwork, and your agency can help with other life issues, that is a partnership that can make a huge difference to the client. We look to expand our partner- ships throughout our community with trainings, referrals and sometimes just a cup of coffee and some time to learn about what others can offer our clients. Please do not hesitate to call upon us for our support.


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